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Ambaji is one of the 51 ancient Shakti Peetha Tirth in India. In the holy temple of "Arasuri Ambaji", there is no image or statue of goddess the holy "Shree Visa Yantra" is worshiped as the main deity. No one can see the Yantra with naked eye. the photography of the Yantra is prohibited.

This yantra is called real power sourse of Godess Ambaji. People are worshiping this yantra since very long time in the famous temple in Ambaji. 

51 Bij letters adorn this plate can be glimpsed by devotees who are first bandages on the eyes, but it has never been photographed unlike most other deities in other temples


In the world of Yantra, Shree Visa yantra is coroneted as the most auspicious, powerful, and popular of all. Since it is astrologically considered to be appropriate for almost everyone, it further contributes to its popularity and prominence. Also, it holds high degree of astrological significance as elaborately defined by the numerous benefits that it derives, in particularly the benefit of conferring one with immense materialistic and spiritualistic wealth. For the fact, it defines itself from its name, which literally refers for ‘an instrument of wealth’.

Significance: -

It is considered as a sacred representation of all Gods and Goddesses. As stated in different sacred ancient texts, Lord Brahma, the creator of the existence, possessed this Yantra, and Lord Vishnu, one of the Hindu trinity of Gods and lord of the earth, has praised it. Vedas elaborates about it by stating it as a core of an absolute blend of scientific, cosmic, and planetary energies. The very reputed Vaastu Shashtra also has a citation around it, which defines its enormous capabilities as a tool of Vaastu. Its degree of significance can be drawn from the fact that Vaastu Shashtra recommends it to be essentially established at all the places which are built according to Vaastu.

Other Impects: -

It is a source of fulfilling all materialistic and non-materialistic desires. It bestows one with considerable amount of mental and physical strength with which one can desires of both the world. Even those aspirations which otherwise seem to be nothing short of a distant dream, gets real with this Yantra. Other than wealth and prosperity, it is also a conferrer of peace, harmony, and greater success. It also bestows its true wearers with wisdom, intellect, and virtues.

It is believed that this Yantra takes hold of the various energies and vibrations as reflected by different planets, and then transforms them in positive and favorable vibrations for those who possess it, and for the environment in which it is placed. Mere looking at it derives one with the virtue which one might have otherwise gained out of performing hundred Ashwamegha Yajnas.

It is very valuable in cases where one starts feeling like a puppet in life. When nothing seems to occur in the way it is desired, and when one only ends up having failures and troubles in all dimensions of life, this Yantra can well be an ultimate and effective solution. Astrology describes that in certain periods of life, negative energies gain an upper-hand on the positive aspects of life, and that is the period when one starts suffering miserably, as a result. Usually, one ends up dealing with wrong sort of people, one make bad financial decisions, there are conflicts in relationships and family life, career or business growth suffers, physical and mental troubles arrive in abundance on surface, and no matter how hard and honestly one tries, all one gets in the end is failure.

For clearing those negative energies and for settling in positivity, establishing a Shree Yantra can be beneficial. Apart from clearing off those negativities, it also protects one from all sorts of troubles and dangers. It settles in positivity and content, and augments growth and an overall success in life.


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