Geophathic stress

Geopathic stress is the effect of harmful earth radiation and electromagnetic waves on the body and its health. The Earth itself has electromagnetic field;  it has a large magnet at its centre. molten metals are found within its cores during the rotation of the earth, thereby it produces magnetic field. Human bodies they evolve with this magnetic field;and  they are habitual to their living in its presence.  Geopathic stress occurs when the Earth's magnetic field gets disturbed, either naturally or artificially, and the background field we normally feelchanges in this situation.  This can happen when the natural radiations which rise up through the earth are distorted by weak electromagnetic fields .And they are normally created due to  running water, drains, certain mineral concentrations, sewersand underground cavities. The natural radiation which gets  disturbed in this way can become harmful to humans beings.
 Geopathic stress can be caused by energies originating from the earth vibrating at a level beyond the electromagnetic spectrum.It has been detected by conventional science and technology.  These energies are often considered to as earth energies.It can be  bad, good or neutral.  Earth energies have many different features but most probably problems are caused due ti the underground water streams and Straight energy lines. Any feature which affects the  natural magnetic field  of earth will also affect the Earth energies  somehow.

What are the effects of Geopathic stress? Spending long periods of time over a harmful area which can produce a stress reaction in the human body. The effect is gentle, involving a slow harm  in health.  The body becomes more and more exhausted by the continous effect of the stress and the person starts feeling unhealthy.  Blood pressure may remain defectively raised; excess acid may start producing  by the stomach, which can lead to  stomach ulcers; decreased activity by white blood cells will lead to less effective detention  to viruses and bacteria.  The person starts having  difficulty in sleeping.  In this situation the body becomes weak and is hard to fight with  colds and flu.  It is possible that geopathic stress might be a significant factor in the onset of cancer.
Geopathic stress afflicted area or a sick building polluted with harmful radiations causes various illnesses and persistent sickness among inhabitants. Some of the illnesses that are being noted among people who have been living on geopathic afflict house are:

 Weak immune system
 Behavourial problems

Where can it occur and what are the indications? People sleeping above the  level of geopathic stress often have disturbed sleep patterns and wake ups at night, feeling tired all the tym and irritable.As we spend about a quarter of our lives in bed ,negative energy in this area can cause serious problems.  The atmosphere in the house  may not seem right and mostly its depressive kind of feeling.  Certain houses may be difficult to sell.  Geopathic stress can affect the body of the building.Walls and Celings may crack, plaster become damp and light bulbs blow for no reason apparently .

Shops do not prosper if built on geopathicaly stressed ground .The reason to his might be the  prospective customers will not want to stay on the premises.  Offices or places of work may have an unusual number of  high absences or sickness rate compared to the average number.  In short anywhere where we spend a certain amount of time, geopathicaly stressed ground will effect our living.
Harmful energies affect our health, there are certain organisms which prosper above these energies; egs:  cherry, nectarine, peach, and elderberry, oak trees, cats, bees, ants, insects, bacteria and parasites etc..
What can we do? First of all we must pay attention to where we spend a large amount of our time.  The most important place is our bedroom where we spend about a one third of our lives.   We need to be able to be aware of any harmful area and avoid it wherever possible, by, for example, moving our bed or chair.

How to detect?

Detecting geopathic stress zone has become possible with dowsing tool, an instrument which has been accepted historically to detect the detrimental forces in a house. Dowsing rods provide accurate result if the perimeter of a sick building preferably external is checked using L and Y dowsing rods. Dowsing rod helps to locate geopathic stressed area in matter of minutes and today it is been practiced by most medical and non-medical practitioners.


After detecting Geopathic stress it becomes necessary to treat the affected zone while sleeping area is the most afflicted place as during sleep we are stationary and at this time period geopathic waves make their work possible on individual. However we can’t really alter our house in order to relieve from geopathic stress but atleast rectify the place to de-stress our zone. Presently three methods are followed by practitioners to deal with GS:

Moving out geopathic stress:This doesn’t mean moving out of house but making the things safer by altering sleeping position or bed from the afflicted zone to some other side. Sleeping position determines our resistance to particular area while we asleep we are much more under the geopathic stress which causes frequent illnesses and fatal diseases in rare cases.

Blocking the negativity with cork: Cork (outer layer of oak tree) is considered to have natural blocking power and if your sleeping is affected with geopathic stress than put a piece of cork beneath your mattress. While installing cork mat or tiles which are easy to avail in market today will surely give relief from GS.

Neutralize the GS: Essentially neutralizing is another method of dealing with geopathic stress under critical situations. Devices like Hartmann spirals and flat dielectrical resonators are placed under the bed to discard GS. Electronic machines plugged in main switch are good option to neutralize the geopathic afflicted area and dowsers are ideal and commonly used by most practitioners.



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