Fengshui is becoming very popular day by day with its extraordinary outcomes in an individual’s life. Basically Fengshui means the art or placing things in an order or area that can bring harmony and prosperity in life with its positive energies. There are many items available in our online store that can be of great effect to your life to make it a healthy one. Fengshui and other items in the category provides us the knowledge of proper spaces and harmony balance that is must in one’s life. All items are available in reasonable rates with durability and of best quality in store. 

You can also browse to our exclusive range of Silver Coated Siddhi Yantras as well.


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Barcelete ..
Bimore ..
  ITEM DESCRIPTION-:3 Lucky coins Tied Red Ribbon Luck Wealth Feng Shui   For centuries coins have symbolized wealth,  The geometry of the Fengshui coins make them very powerful, with the square hole within the circle representing the union of heaven and earth.  The 3 coins tied together represent the unity of Man, Heaven and Earth.  The red ribbon activates the good fortune symbolised by the coins.   Carry the coins in your purse or wallet to..
Chinese Bakuva ..
  Chinese coins are popular and well known Feng Shui wealth cures. Many people place Chinese coins in their home to bring fortune through their door, but not many people know why they are so lucky. Here I share with you why Chinese coins are so auspicious and how they should be placed in your home to ensure luck and abundance fill your life.   Chinese coins are easily recognisable from other coins because of their unusual design. Like most coins they are circular and mad..
  Chinese Lucky Gemstones Horoscope When the Chinese heavenly god and the Chinese earth god decided to create Chinese Astrology and associate Chinese horoscope signs with animals of planet earth, they concluded that each Chinese horoscope sign would need a sort of a powerful material that would not only represent the sign itself, but it would also develop a strong connection, a spiritual relationship with individuals that belong to that sign.   So the great Chinese g..
Chrystal globe for Education ..
Compass ..
Compass box ..
Crystal Ball ..
  This crystal globe is of a very high quality and very solid in weight, the precision of the globe and glass stand is incredible as when you spin it, it spins for ages. The crystal globe is the supreme enhancer for education, literary, academic luck and business success. If you are if you are a businessperson, this globe will help you grow your business into a worldwide one. If you are a student, this will bring you luck in your studies and examinations. If you are a writer, thi..
Crystal globe for Career ..
Crystal Locket ..



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