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Welcome to New-tech Life Care and new era of Astrology with Science and world of Gem Stone. Our respected astrologer is Mr. Divyang Acharya. His qualification is B.Sc (D.H.M.S.) and is Expertise in “Astrology”. He has been awarded as “Jyotish Ratnam”.  He has years of experience in this astrology and “Ayurveda”. He has proven astrology with science. He has strong desire to give knowledge about astrology worldwide. His fan following contains politicians, actors, businessman, and ordinary people as well. He wants to spread his knowledge to everyone and has the talent to get solutions to any problems. He has achieved success in this field because of his passion and hard work.

No one change their stars but can get solutions to lessen up the worst effects. But can get remedies to help that adverse effect. He wants to remove superstitious beliefs from people. As The Sun and Moon are real truth, Astrology is a white truth as well. He wants people to know their own stars and there are lots of fake astrologers who cheat people in the name of stars and astrology. He wants to spread awareness about astrology amongst people and wants to share his knowledge and help them with best solutions to bring brightness in their life. He thinks astrology should be used as a guideline to improve life hurdles. For example: if u want to travel anywhere, u check on internet for routes to reach that place…but someone tells u there is traffic, u try and change your route. No matter you reach late but you don’t get stuck in the traffic. Same way astrology is same if u can know your best and worst then, Astrology can be a guideline to solve it.

Astrology is total science. When you are born, at that time the situation of planets and your current transit situated planets… the calculations of this two things is astrology. There are real life examples which can prove knowing astrology is so important in life. There are lots of fake people who are taking this thing as a business to earn money and play with people’s life. Whenever a human’s life is joined astrology is very sensitive thing. Whenever people have problems, they are ill, and are suffering from money matters etc. There mind is weak in these situations and they go for solutions to people who don’t even have enough knowledge about astrology and they direct them to wrong solutions.

It depends on positive and negative energy. EG: GOD has made male and female to balance the universe. When negativity rises up then positivity then problems starts occurring in people’s life. We see problems on daily basis. If you continue living with that negativity then automatically your body absorbs it, and that’s called “Geopathic” stress. Its same case again, it is connected to five elements in human body and universe. If your resistance power is strong then you feel low effect, but if is weak then you feel high effect. Negativity basically comes from air, land and water.

Due to “Geopathic” stress, we can feel loss of confidence, heaviness in house etc. (where people say this is a kind of souls, orthodox beliefs and superstitious beliefs etc.) and because of this misguidance they take wrong ways to solve it. And that’s why they never get success, as there is nothing like that and then they blame whole astrology and true astrologers.

“Geopathic” stress can be removed by chemicals and other ways. Everyone knows there are seven chakras. And there is science behind every colour. For e.g. if it is red it indicates anger; white, light blue and, green indicates peace etc.

All this colours are in the sun. People wear gemstones and they are all different colour for different purposes. Lots of people have questions that does it benefit wearing this gemstones? Its also same and is again science E.g. TV only can work with antenna as it catches the waves, same way gemstones catches the waves in different ways. And the colours of it gives good effect to your body, But it is very important and necessary to wear the right gemstone according to your stars and planets. So it is necessary to wear after right and proper advice. E.g. If u get ill, then you have to take medicine under doctors prescription to get well, same way its necessary to wear right stones according to the needs under your stars to get better results otherwise it gives adverse effects.

In our Vedic astrology, there are facts and reality has strong faith in science. It is really important to have true advice, true guru, true way and true maths. Because everything is related to science and maths. If you understand all this things then you may get the patience to handle the situation and help you to build a self-confidence and positive energy. You can try to solve your problems and pains if u gets a real guru, who cans advice you right things and direct you in the right direction. So it is very important to understand what’s right and wrong for you to live a happy problem free life.

I want to tell the society and the world that if you have right conscience then it’s not hard to get success and your aim can be fulfilled easily. Just know yourself and your needs, He is always there to help and find a way to your problems.




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